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migration services


Provide strategic consultation for visa application. Submit application and follow-up with Home Affairs. Appeal to the Minister or Australian court if necessary. Support businesses that are eligible to apply for a permanent visa 888

Settlement and
acclimatisation Support

Verity Settlement Services listens and responses to customers' concerns about their new life in Australia in the most comprehensible and accurate way. With extensive information

Non-bank Finance

Investor Avenue is an Australian investment portal, introducing business purchasing and selling opportunities and the opportunity to invest in peer-to-peer loans with high flexibility and attractive returns. IA services include:

Financial Investment Planning

Verity Professional Services specializes in accounting, auditing, taxation, business evaluation, business establishment and management. VPS supports businesses that are eligible to do business and settle in Australia through

Marketing Services

Verity Marketing Services is the bridge between the customer's business and the target market of the business in Australia, providing the following services:


property law Support

Manage and finalize real estate properties transfer/sale procedures. Residential properties management. Research, develop and manage commercial real estate development projects.

Client T.N

An amazing result for a 9-month journey. Special thanks to Shanice Hoang, Quyen, Nhi, Nam. I am pleased to have such a responsible, understanding and committed legal team. It is so touching to receive celebrating flowers that are set up according to the preference of one of the clients.  Today I use a red pen to draw a V!

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Managing Partner (Australia)

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